Our Heroes

Edinger, Farnsworth and Terpening Houses

As part of a fall study of Charlotte's Web, students are asked to write their ideas about the heroes of the book. Charlotte, Fern, Wilbur, and even Templeton are presented as heroes. This year, the students of Edinger, Farnsworth, and Terpening Houses went further, contemplating real-life heroes in addition to the fictional ones of E. B. White's barnyard world.

Each class approached the assignment differently. Students of Edinger House contributed brief, informal statements of what they thought heroes were. Terpening House members added their ideas about the heroes of Charlotte's Web as well. Farnsworth House students presented their ideas in more formal essays. Each child illustrated his or her piece.

As you will see, the events of September 11th were very much on these New York City children's minds, as they wrote about heroes today.

We hope you enjoy our heroes.


Edinger House
Ali Alice Billyskye Caity
Celena Daniel Emma B. Emma P.
Eric Gabriel Isabel Isalyn
Jake Katie Max Michael
Nicky Sam Sidney


Farnsworth House
Abby Geoffrey Kuni Mashu
Aditya Greg Lily A. Meiying
Amanda Harry Lily O Rosie
Andrew Issy Lorenzo Zhaarn
Bryan Kara Maggie


Terpening House


Becky Brett
Catie David E. David N. Eliza
Hannah Hart Jasz Jeremy
Lily G. Matthew Oliver Sara
Steph Vicki Zoe